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Psychic Transformational Services


Photo Psychic Reading

72Hrs before your booked session, please send me a photo or photos of the person or people you wish to have the reading about. I will video record 30mins of the reading solo and send it to you within 24hrs of your booked session. Once received we will set up a 30min session to complete your HR reading for questions and answers.

Energy Healing and Reading

I use Atlantean Healing for my distance energy services. With this kind of energy healing I naturally channel psychic information which is part of the healing service.

I only need a first name or photo of person receiving the distance service with a first name.

At the time of service please be in a relaxed or playful state of mind.

I will video record myself for the session and email you the video within 72Hrs of the session booking time.

Reiki Treatment

Mentorship Program


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