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Hi there, 
I'm Natanhna

Most days, you can find me rising my vibration by exercising at home

I am mostly known for bringing joy and healing to my community.

People often refer to me as Nat - Healer.

I love serving the world by being the most authentic version of myself.  Walking my talk and leading by example


The things I am most passionate about in life are self reflection, being of service, transforming myself .


NOW, HERE'S WHY You're Here

Here’s why you’re here, I’m Natanhna Morales, Photo Psychic Medium That helps people who need access to lost connections with my Photo Psychic Eye Gazing method. So they can get closure to connections that are no more.

I am lucky to give my clients the gift of peace.

I’ve been featured on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


When I’m not busy working on Psychic Readings, you can catch me: 


• working out daily, listen to astrology like the daily weather report, learning whatever sparks my interest, and dancing to music. 

• I have 3 cats who are my girls. They are cat healers and support me with my clients.  

• I travel pretty much yearly and somehow keep going back to the same places.


Here are five things you probably don't know about me.

Are you shy?

I am shy at first neeting

Do you drink Alcohol?

I live a Sober life

How do you process feelings?

Write, Sing, and Dance

What is your favorite sport?


Are you into the Woo life style?

I live it loud and proud

Buddha Statue

Still here? Let's connect!

I've got a freebie I'd love to send you.

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